Diversity and quality

Frame Vastgoed does not only work on sizeable real estate projects, but also offers rental properties in Rotterdam and the surrounding area. In recent years, we have amassed a considerable portfolio of both social housing and private rental properties, basing our selection on their environment, functionality, physical condition, and residential quality. This selection process has resulted in a very diverse range of properties and target audiences.

Target audiences

To give you an idea of the various target audiences within these urban living eVnvironments, they range from students to senior citizens as well as families and expats. We enjoy finding suitable housing for all of these different target audiences.

Maintenance & service

From Frame Services we maintain our buildings and homes ourselves. We find it important that these are in good condition, so that we can offer not only the current but also future residents a pleasant living space.

Regardless of the diversity of our portfolio, we provide the same high level of maintenance and service for all properties via Frame Services, with the objective of ensuring that all of our buildings and properties are in a perfect state of repairs at all times. That way, both current and future renters get to optimally enjoy their living experience there.

Facts & Figures

  • Around 300 properties
  • Social housing, mid-range rentals, and high-end rentals
  • In the greater Rotterdam area

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