Our office

The elegant Frame Vastgoed office is located in Brielle, near Rotterdam. It is located in a listed building, called ‘De Sociëteit’ (‘The Society’), which dates back to 1520 and served as Brielle’s district court from 1838 until 2002. It was then one of the seats of the Rotterdam court’s sub-district sector until 2013.


De Sociëteit was transformed after an intensive restoration and renovation process. With specialist architectural expertise and by performing detailed building archaeological research, Frame Vastgoed has managed to repurpose this listed property in a high-quality manner. We have retained and restored the authentic elements that 18th century buildings such as this one boast as much as possible.

All those who enter our office nowadays get to experience the perfect balance between assured authenticity and contemporary luxury. As we specialise in renovations and restorations, our office in De Sociëteit serves as a perfect calling card for our business.

Facts & Figures

  • Total floor space: around 800 m2
  • Completed in: 2016