The versatility of the Slaakhuys

At the edge of Kralingen, with the vibrant city centre of Rotterdam right around the corner, the well-known Slaakhuys is being resurrected. After its reconstruction, designed by architect Jo Vegter, was completed in 1955, the Slaakhuys has served many different purposes, from the editorial department and printing works for a national newspaper to a snooker centre and studio space for artists.

‘Tribute by Marriott’ hotel

After many years of vacancy, Frame Vastgoed is restoring this listed property to its former glory by turning it into a boutique hotel with 74 hotelrooms. The hotel will be a Tribute Portfolio hotel by Marriott Hotels. This luxury hotel formula offers guests a phenomenal service level.

High dining & cocktails

The new Slaakhuys is also an excellent destination for an evening of high dining and cocktail sipping. With its adjoining restaurant and bar, Rotterdam will gain a new hotspot.

Facts & Figures

  • Listed property as of 2010
  • Total floor space: around 10.000 m²
  • Tribute Portfolio hotel (Marriott Hotels)
  • Restaurant & bar
  • Subjacent parking garage
  • Lidl foodmarket (already opened)
  • Expected to open: mid 2019