New construction at Oude Wal - Rotterdam Hoogvliet

At the Oude Wal site in Rotterdam Hoogvliet, Frame Vastgoed is working on its own portfolio for a high-quality new development with a diverse program. Frame invests in the construction of approximately 50 spacious rental apartments with in the plinth neighborhood facilities, in the form of different types of retail space. An underground parking garage where residents can park is also part of the program.

The new building to be developed, based on the design by architect Jeroen Hoorn, is of a durable and high quality. The intended stores fit in with the economic need of the district (Nieuw Engeland), are small-scale and correspond with the existing stores. The rental apartments are focused on the housing requirements of Hoogvliet and are, due to the large size, future-proof and durable. Frame has already signed a long-term lease with a tenant.

Jeroen Hoorn has designed a beautiful all-sided building block consisting of a plinth with a recessed turret on the corner. The idea is that the façades are constructed from masonry frames in brick and in similar color to the surrounding buildings. This creates a natural connection with the environment. The façade makes the architecture less closed. The skirting board will be the same length as the old building and will reflect exactly the length of the block opposite. The accompanying impression shows the effect of the building in its surroundings.

Facts & Figures

  • Approximately 50 rental apartments of approx. 80 m²
  • A number of retail units of limited and varying sizes; total retail space area approximately 1,100 m²
  • Garage for residents
  • Expected start of construction work: end of 2020
  • Expected completion: 2022