Hotel The Slaak Rotterdam and restaurant & bar Didot34 opened

Hotel The Slaak Rotterdam has opened its doors in the monumental Slaakhuys in Kralingen. The accompanying restaurant with bar Didot34 is also open. As the owner of the Slaakhuys, Frame Vastgoed has completed the redevelopment complex.

Frame Vastgoed has worked with architect Jeroen Hoorn for more than two years on the restoration, renovation and expansion of the Slaakhuys. Whereas in April 2018 the Lidl supermarket in the former printing company of the newspaper Vrij Volk already opened, the rest of the national monument has now also been given a new purpose.

Hotel The Slaak Rotterdam is a design boutique hotel under the Tribute Portfolio label of Marriott Hotels. The Slaak Rotterdam has 74 spacious hotel rooms, restaurant & bar Didot34, two meeting rooms and fitness Studio34. There is a public parking garage with 46 parking spaces under the hotel and the supermarket.

Completely in line with the architecture of the building from 1954, the 1950s style has been implemented in the interior of the hotel. The varied colors, wallpaper with prints and the use of materials such as marble, brass and wood give a feeling of warmth and luxury.

Tasting atmosphere at The Slaak Rotterdam is of course not only reserved for hotel guests; visitors can also visit Restaurant & Bar Didot34 for breakfast, lunch, dinner and drinks. Paul John de Jong, commercial director at Frame Vastgoed, is therefore proud to speak about a new hotspot in town: "We think it's great that we have been able to restore an iconic building like the Slaakhuys in this place. We see it as an honorable addition and new hotspot for the city of Rotterdam. "