Frame enters into partnership with Q-Park

Q-Park and Frame Vastgoed have entered into a partnership for the realisation, exploitation, and management of over 1000 parking spots in the Rijnhaven district.

Via this partnership, Q-Park is aligning itself with Frame’s investments towards and objectives of being a long-term sustainable partner and service provider for guests, entrepreneurs, and residents in the Rijnhaven District in Rotterdam. With this step, Q-Park is emphasising its role as mobility partner for Rotterdam and the city’s guests in the Kop van Zuid neighbourhood.

Construction on the Brede Hilledijk will be resumed on October 1st, 2017, and it will take several stages between now and 2021 to realise the various buildings in the Rijnhaven District. The various subterraneous parking garages will be opened to the public at the same time as the various buildings.

This partnership was preceded by a long and careful preparatory process, with the aim of realising an optimal service product for our customers. As such, Frame is very proud of its new partnership with Q-Park.