High-end living at Katendrecht in Rotterdam

Any true Rotterdam resident is aware of the huge qualitative transformation Katendrecht has undergone in recent years. But the best is yet to come; the addition of Bay House will transform the entrance to Katendrecht into the most high-end gem in the entire city.

The addition of Bay House constitutes a spectacular expansion for the Rijnhaven District, which Frame’s development project on the Rijnhavenkade at Katendrecht falls under, featuring 200 luxury apartments, a five-star hotel with 200 rooms, a superior hospitality establishment offering, several designer stores, and exclusive boutiques.

The Bay House water front location offers an excellent view of the Rotterdam city centre. In fact, the view is sensational, and so is the security and service level that will be included with the apartments; it will be full service of a level that does not exist in the Netherlands as of yet.

Another first for the Netherlands will be the fact that Stilwerk is coming to the Rijnhaven district. The old Santos coffee warehouse that is currently being restored will be occupied by the first Benelux branch of this German design department store. This is likely to be the catalyst to draw other renowned design and brand stores to the Rijnhaven District

The sale of Bay House has already started. If you want to know more about Bay House, please go here.