Frame Vastgoed develops a design hotel next to new Porsche Center Rotterdam

Frame Vastgoed has plans for a new design hotel next to the new Porsche Center Rotterdam, directly at the A20 in the Rotterdam 'Spaanse Polder'.

The hotel plan has approximately 150 hotel rooms and a business meeting point with conference, event and meeting facilities. With this investment, Frame strengthens the quality of the place where the new Porsche Center is being developed and the entrance zone of the Spanish Polder.

With this, Frame is the next investor to assign potential to the A20 zone on the north side of Rotterdam. The visible larger investments in the Van Nelle Fabriek and the Groothandelsmarkt also confirm the success of the sustained efforts by the entrepreneurs involved and the municipalities of Rotterdam and Schiedam with the aim of bringing the housing climate of the Spanish Polder up to standard.

Frame is expected to start in 2020 with the construction of the design hotel.