For your and our safety, we use the following corona protocol:

Although our office has the regular opening hours from 08:30 to 17:30, we will - in view of the advice of the RIVM - conduct meetings as much as possible via videocalls with Skype, WhatsApp or FaceTime. We try to keep physical encounters to a minimum and we ask you not to show up without an appointment.

When you visit our office, you are requested to wash your hands thoroughly after entering. You can count on our employees to do everything possible to prevent the spread of the corona virus.

As long as this corona protocol is in effect, we will not shake hands and keep an appropriate distance.

If you:

  • have a cold and/or fever;

  • suspect that you are a carrier of the coronavirus;

  • met people who have been tested positive for the coronavirus;

  • have recently been in an area with an increased risk of corona;

  • physically met people from a corona area,

please inform us so that we can schedule an alternative appointment with you.

For questions about this protocol, please contact Lizzy van Houwelingen via: of +31 181 45 95 15.