Rotterdam Rijnhaven District
Santos in the spotlight during Rotterdam Verlicht!

This month the first edition of the ‘Rotterdam Verlicht!’ event has started. As soon as dusk sets in, special lighting is used to create a festive atmosphere at various locations (squares and other special places) in the city. The lighting is on until 11 pm.

In these difficult times, the event is intended to let everyone experience how beautiful the wintertime in Rotterdam is. Moreover, it is a call to illuminate the city and its inhabitants and to connect them with each other. To keep courage and to remain hopeful.

The old coffee warehouse Santos, 'back neighbor' of Bay House in the Rotterdam Rijnhaven District, will also be lit during ‘Rotterdam Verlicht!’ serve as "projection screen" for street art artworks by HIJS in collaboration with POW!WOW! Rotterdam.

Where - and how - you can enjoy even more light art of this event in the city can be found at: If the corona measures relax in the meantime, the additional program will also be announced on that website.

‘Rotterdam Verlicht!’ is an event developed by Mothership on behalf of the municipality and will last until the end of February 2021.

Porsche Center Rotterdam
Update: interview Harrie van Ham

Anyone who ever drives on the A20 has probably already noticed: the construction work on the new Porsche Center Rotterdam in the Spaanse Polder is in full swing. The entire team of Porsche Centrum Rotterdam was given a tour of the construction site - of course with due observance of the corona measures. As the developer of this project, Frame Vastgoed went along and spoke with branch manager Harrie van Ham.

Harrie has been working at Porsche for almost 20 years and enthusiastically explains what visitors can expect from the Porsche Center in the making: ‘What really stands out immediately is the immense space that this building offers. This gives us the opportunity to build a “Destination Porsche”, as Pon previously did at the Palm Springs, California site. We are now also going to create different experience corners here, such as a Classic, an E-Performance and a Tequipment (original Porsche accessories) corner. The traditional showroom is actually disappearing, so we prefer to call it “destination”. Anyone who enters here next year, whether a Porsche driver or a fan, should be able to experience the Porsche atmosphere. Customers will be able to view the cars in peace and quiet; In the current location, things can get hectic due to the lack of space. The current showroom is therefore 900 m², while the new one will be approximately 4,000 m²; a huge difference!’

What exactly will so much more volume mean for the offer? ‘This will be a location where you cannot be average, this place requires scaling up and showing courage by putting even more beautiful, more exclusive cars in your showroom as standard. So everyone will soon be able to enjoy the most beautiful Porsche models here. In addition, the range of Porsche Approved (used Porsches) will be doubled. Here you will soon be able to drive out of the building with your new car from a delivery box lounge. Everything here revolves around the experience, from offer to service and maintenance.’

The new Porsche Center Rotterdam is expected to open in the last quarter of 2021.

Construction news October 14, 2020

Tightened corona measures or not, at the construction site of Bay House and the MGallery hotel, work is - of course with due observance of all safety rules - continuing steadily. The last construction update dates back to the beginning of September, so it is time to ask chief contractor Frans Lap of Van Omme & De Groot about the current state of affairs.

Tell us Frans, what exactly happened on the construction site in more than a month? "The rainy weather conditions have caused a slight stagnation, but a lot of work has been done nevertheless! For example, about a third of the walls have now been poured onto the ground floor, including the weighted beams above the walls. Part of the temporary support for the first storey floor has also been placed, so that the installation of the wide-slab floors has now started."

Frans will keep us regularly informed about the construction activities during the construction process. He also jumps into the construction crane every now and then to shoot photos at great heights. Follow on Facebook and Instagram to be the first to see it!

For all the news about Bay House, we refer you to the news page on

The Slaak Rotterdam
Nomination Hotel Property Award 2020

Our Slaakhuys project has again received a nice nomination. The Slaak Rotterdam has been nominated for the Hotel Property Award 2020. In total, the jury has nominated ten hotels out of 40 entries from twelve European countries. The award will be presented on Wednesday 7 October during the (virtual) hotelforum conference in Munich.

The other nominees include four hotels from Germany, two more from the Netherlands, two from Croatia and one from Denmark.

When choosing the winner, the jury will pay particular attention to the interplay between the following categories: architecture & design, integration into the surrounding environment, sustainability & technical innovation and originality & cost-effectiveness.

The full press release of the hotelforum and the list of other nominees can be read via this link.

Bay House
Construction news September 2, 2020

About two months ago, Frans Lap, chief contractor at Van Omme & De Groot on the construction site of Bay House and the MGallery hotel, already told us that hard work is continuing on the realization of this luxury apartment complex and five-star hotel in the Rotterdam Rijnhaven District.

Unlike two months ago, the construction activities are now also visible to local residents and passers-by. Frans gives us an update about what's exactly happening on the construction site with the best view in the city: "Last week we started this work, with the first wall being poured last Friday. The pouring of the walls of the ground floor is likely to take until the end of October. Next week, the temporary constructive support between the walls will start and from September 14 we will start laying the wide slab floors of the first floor."

Frans will keep us regularly informed about the construction activities during the construction process. He also jumps into the construction crane every now and then to shoot photos at great heights. Follow on Facebook and Instagram to be the first to see it!

For all the news about Bay House, we refer you to the news page on

Bay House news page

The website of our housing project Bay House has been expanded with its own news page. From now on we will share all the latest news about Bay House on this page.

Bay House is a luxury apartment complex under development in the Rotterdam Rijnhaven District. Bay House offers approximately 88 owner-occupied apartments and 22 rental apartments. There are 7 different types of apartments, with surface sizes ranging from 80 m² to 1,000 m². For all information, specifications and the apartment finder, please visit the Bay House website.

The construction has started. The apartments are expected to be completed in mid-2022.

Corona protocol
For your and our safety, we use the following corona protocol:

Although our office has the regular opening hours from 08:30 to 17:30, we will - in view of the advice of the RIVM - conduct meetings as much as possible via videocalls with Skype, WhatsApp or FaceTime. We try to keep physical encounters to a minimum and we ask you not to show up without an appointment.

When you visit our office, you are requested to wash your hands thoroughly after entering. You can count on our employees to do everything possible to prevent the spread of the corona virus.

As long as this corona protocol is in effect, we will not shake hands and keep an appropriate distance.

If you:

Masterplan Rijnhaven Rotterdam

The municipality of Rotterdam announced its Masterplan for the Rijnhaven today. It sets out what the general starting points will be for the continuation of the development of the Rijnhaven. The Masterplan is not yet a definitive plan; after it has been determined by the municipality, this will be further tested and worked out in sub-plans.

In recent years, Frame Vastgoed has discussed and coordinated the development of the Pols of Katendrecht and the vision on developments around and in the Rijnhaven in various consultation and planning teams. The programs, public space, connection to the public transport hub and the surrounding neighbourhoods influence each other.

The coherence is obviously important for sustainable, future-proof area development and the roll-out of the "City on two Riverbanks strategy". The level of ambition, the urban densification on Posthumalaan, the continuation of the urban axis and the addition of a special urban program including art and culture and innovative living and working concepts were put forward by Frame at an early stage. All this within the context of, and connected by, a metropolitan park in and on the Rijnhaven.

Frame is pleased with the recent steps taken by the municipality of Rotterdam with regard to the future of the Rijnhaven. The masterplan released by the municipality is in line with this background, the involvement and the construction and development plans of Frame and its investment portfolio at Katendrecht. Frame considers it of great importance that current and new residents, entrepreneurs, stakeholders and investing parties are informed of the ambitions that the municipality has in and around Rijnhaven.

At the end of 2015, Frame purchased the integral position of ECCR B.V., a collaboration between the Shanghai Construction Group and Volker Wessels. Since then, Frame has been operating as a direction and area developer for these locations and the Rijnhaven development.

Frame will handle the development and programming of the construction volumes planned for the Rijnhaven near the Rijnhaven metro station. Good agreements are currently being made with the municipality about the role of Frame and the cooperation therein with the municipality with regard to the projects on the Pols of Katendrecht and in the Rijnhaven area.

Frame will endeavour to represent the interests of its stakeholders and strive for a good and logical alignment with its expectations.

Celebration start construction Bay House
Frame Vastgoed celebrates start of Bay House & MGallery hotel construction in Rotterdam Rijnhaven District

On the 3th of February, Frame Vastgoed, together with builder Van Omme & De Groot and alderman Bas Kurvers, gave the go-ahead for the construction of Bay House and the adjacent ‘MGallery Hotel Collection’ hotel in the Rotterdam Rijnhaven District.

The festive celebration of the start construction took place in Kantine Walhalla, a stone's throw from the Bay House and MGallery construction site. Frank Blom, director of Frame Vastgoed, said: ‘This is a very important moment for our valued buyers, partners and tenants, but certainly also for Katendrecht, its residents and therefore for the city. Katendrecht is finally getting the beautiful entrance it deserves and with Bay House and MGallery it will be a beautiful sight location on the Rijnhaven.’

Residential Director Petra Rutten added: ‘There is a strong connection between our buyers and Rotterdam. They are often connected by work, sometimes by love, or would like to return to where they used to live.’

Guus de Groot, general director at Van Omme & De Groot: ‘We think it is an honor and pleasure to be able to participate as a Rotterdam company on such a particularly beautiful and challenging project in our city.’

Bay House will be a luxury apartment complex of around 88 owner-occupied apartments and 22 rental apartments. More than three-quarters of the apartments have already been sold. The MGallery Hotel Collection hotel will consist of more than 200 rooms, a restaurant, rooftop bar, terrace, wellness center and event space.

These new developments in the high segment ensure a remarkable mix and diversity in the Rotterdam Rijnhaven District. Alderman Bas Kurvers said the following about this: ‘Diversity is part of Rotterdam. We also create that with these homes, so that is really very good news.’

The official act by the alderman consisted of handing over a check with a donation on behalf of Frame and the residents of Bay House to Stichting Platform Katendrecht. This young platform deserves a helping hand in organizing various activities such as art and music lessons for young people in the neighborhood. Central to this is the development of entrepreneurial skills and entrepreneurship at the service of the Katendrecht district.

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