Professional and involved

Frame Vastgoed is a risk-bearing developer, investor, and service organisation characterised by its professionalism, commitment, and specialty regarding sustainable and urban living environments. We transform vacant office buildings, restore listed properties, and realise new residential and shopping areas in full-service living environments, primarily in the Rotterdam metropolitan area.

In collaboration with our stakeholders, we work on the urban redevelopment of Rotterdam. We see this city developing into a lively, comfortable new residential and shopping area characterised by full service and a international living experience as its core values.

A shining example of this is the development of the Rotterdam Rijnhaven District, although our diverse urban portfolio also includes various retail spaces and (social housing) rental and resale properties in the mid-range and high-end market segments. We also specialise in renovation of listed buildings.

Our commitment lies in the fact that we are not just a developer, but also an investor. This ensures that we remain committed to our development areas and projects in the long term. Frame attaches great important to being very customer-oriented towards its renters. That is why we provide in-house services such as maintenance and cleaning, via our service subsidiary Frame Services.

Passionate about Rotterdam

Our approach is shaped in part by our area-specific attention to public spaces, greenery, offices, stores, and residences. We provide Rotterdam with that attention by constructing that which is needed, renovating that which deserves better, and increasing the sustainability of that which is already good.

Frame Vastgoed is proud to develop that which the residents of Rotterdam require, and then maintain it. The common cliché regarding the typical Rotterdam mentality, ‘less talk, more action’, is our maxim. This will allow future city dwellers to enjoy the city as much as its current inhabitants, and even more so.